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4 high temperature resistant round how in 'industry. In the game -

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-15
4 'industry. 0 'is the concept of several very fire in 2015 words, industrial 4. 0 single literally view must be related to industrial production. 4. 0 is a new era, is a boon for industrial production; Our country also make gradual transition from China to created in China, so, the 'made in China 2015' will be the whole of China and the industrial revolution at a time. Kaixin casters under the high temperature resistant to you talk about wheel industry and the industrial 4. 0 'will be what are closely linked. 4 what is the industry. Zero: actually 4 'industry. First introduced the concept of zero is Germany, simply say 'Internet + manufacturing' is the industrial 4. 0, but our country is called 'made in China 2025' which includes intelligent factory production, smart, intelligent logistics of the three industries, the main purpose is to realize the digitization of modern industrial production, to achieve the combination of the Internet and manufacturing, so as to promote the development. 4 'industry. 0 'the emergence of many entrepreneurs to clarks this not 1 pet, all want to get inspired to make the enterprise can get further development, high temperature resistant wheel as castor industry in a project are seriously, of course, high temperature resistant wheel as the castor industry in recent years, new products, but how to break through the current development status for future well obviously is more and more attention. 4 can say 'industry. 0 'era of the road has just begun, although the china-germany cooperative action outline to sign a year in the past, but high temperature resistant round of' industrial 4. 0 'era has only just begun; From the point of the castor market this year, high temperature resistant round of 'industrial 4. 0 'in the form of price war began gradually, the industry both in the form of spelling a price for the whole industry. How to reduce the price so must reduce the cost, can only use cheaper materials to low cost, quality, of course, also big give discount. High temperature resistant round biggest client is each big enterprise terminal manufacturer, so in order to meet the requirements of low cost, the terminal in the high-temperature wheel industry down their cost. So many high temperature resistant round enterprises ignore the quality is the survival, 'industrial 4. 0 'the arrival of the era at the request of time from the overall increase in the production of manufacturing level, rather than to take shortcuts to win brief victory, enterprise technology of high temperature resistant wheel was destined to be knocked out of its cognition. High temperature resistant round 4 how to use industry. 4 0: industry. 0 for manufacturing from mass production, to personalized custom, thus make the whole production process more flexible, personalization, customization. But for pre-sale and after-sale technical service and so on service quality also has important quality requirements. 4. 0 requirements on middle and lower reaches of production, better service to production, 4 kaixin truckle to cater for the industry. 0, with each big search electric business platform, the online communication with the offline production and sales together, realizes the O2O advanced sales model, to provide technical support for the downstream distributors, terminal manufacturers, realize common create profits. Internet + manufacturing industry, docking industrial chain to form professional division of labor cooperation, let both upstream and downstream merchants docking technology, personalized production order to improve performance, high temperature resistant round for different customer groups to provide personalized custom high-temperature round service, at the same time of increasing their own advantages, also reduces the market competition strength, this also is kaixin castor castor 4 in the industry. The era of an important strategy. 4. Zero for the whole of castor manufacturers how to position developed high temperature resistant round about one direction, how to make the castor manufacturers become innovative, digital enterprise will be in the future for each manufacturer to do; Kaixin casters will be in the big Internet + manufacturing mode, using high temperature resistant wheel itself advantage and the overall effect of the Internet to drive development. 4 how to grasp the 'industry. 0 'era, are you ready?
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