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A single load capacity is generally pu castor?

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-09
Application fields of nylon wheel is far more than just these. According to road use occasions choose pu castor size. The larger the caster wheel size, the easier it is to promote the obstacle ability is stronger, but turned to flexibility and therefore reduced. Wheels as lightweight flexible, can control degree is big, but the barrier ability is very small. Procurement of industrial casters, therefore, need to determine according to the factory floor. A single load capacity is generally pu castor? Only a certain thickness of high qualified steel plate with good welding technology, so made from castor stents can stand the test of time. The inside of the trolley car, the use of nylon wheel, can greatly improve the trolley in the ground and the degree of sand smooth, nylon wheel at the same time also has the effect of quiet, smooth, feel is good, and features such as nylon wheel surface is smooth, no burr, also can make the cart at the time of use to achieve the best effect. / news_154。
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