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Accessories - of universal casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-23
The existence of any things do not belong to the existence of a single, it is composed of many subsidiary; Universal casters played a very key role for the convenience of mobile things, universal casters used on industrial equipment installation, and the industrial equipment can play a better performance than itself, instead of castor wheels in which only a small proportion, industrial equipment, of course, can play a good performance, universal casters as part of the same. Today, will say to is a universal casters it is composed of what accessories? Castor wheels it is actually composed of many small parts, mutual coordination, these small parts to universal casters in any equipment, industrial use can play a wonderful performance. Kaixin universal casters manufacturers as a available independent design, the production of castor manufacturers, in the field of universal wheel has it own unique advantages and insight; The next to provide universal casters will consists of what are the main parts? Universal caster wheel parts mainly include wheels, this is the castor can normal driving, driving, the important place of the effort. Of course of the caster and the activities of stents, upper plate, ball bearing, bearing, dust ring, plate, and some manufacturers fittings such as screw, screw, if universal casters with brakes, then with the brake stents and brake fierce, brake handle these accessories! In this paper, by kaixin castor original, reproduced please indicate the source. www。 carsun。 com. cn
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