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Affect the castor installation manual

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-30
You ever see the Egyptian pyramids, whether by its majestic and admit defeat, whether be surprised by the wisdom of the ancients! ! ! Both the ancient and modern times, its technology has impressed the world. And this great world handicraft is using the principle of efficient moving object of the wheel, can say, apply the features of castor gold tower incisively and vividly. In modern times, with the development of the industrial revolution, castor also used more and more widely, not just the buildings that the pyramid, as more and more devices because of the need to move, so I also use castor. To say the castor application more and more widely, from caster almost inseparable. In modern times, with the development of science and technology, equipment, also more and more functions, high utilization, has become an indispensable part. Castor development become more specialized, become a special industry. With equipment installed on the casters have a certain skill, different castor and the installation method of different equipment which will produce difference or deviation, it can be to operate according to their own experience. Of course there is also a basic theoretical principle we also must grasp, this both for new veteran is common. Castor installation manual: 1, the caster wheel installed on the position of the design correct and reliable. 2, turn shaft must always vertical movement. 3, if only use rotating caster wheel, they must be consistent. 4, the function of the caster shall not be changed, also not affected by installation. 5, fixed between the caster must instead of axle on a straight line. 6, installation of castor scaffold must have sufficient strength, materials must be reliable. 7, fixed castor castor and activity, then all caster must be compatible with each other, and subject to manufacturer's recommended. Castor let its moving object to improve work efficiency, including fixed castor castor and activity the collocation of use is to let the object handling get qualitative leap, not only can be convenient to carry, it can move along any direction, thus greatly improving the efficiency. And these are all on the ancient wisdom is outspread, make castor show this product in the present and future more outstanding performance.
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