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Again busy also want to have a look at the pu castor the right operation method

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-01
Again busy also want to have a look at the pu castor correct operation method, double bearings used in high-end products, stability, mute effect and the bearing capacity is better than single bearing. A simplified version of the single bearing is bearing, although performance than double bearings, but compared with other bearing, high cost performance, if want to save costs, you can use the single bearing. Commonly used edge brake abroad, domestic use double brake. And brake more humanized design, suitable for many devices, price is relatively cheap. Double brake appearance more beautiful, installation, & need to pay attention to the other; The installation height & throughout; Requirements. The wheels of the iron more corrosion resistance than other wheels? No, regular polyurethane casters manufacturer production of single wheel is through salt spray test, meet the national standard, you buy iron core wheel, the price is more expensive. Casters used long ageing, coupled with chemical erosion, cause a bad glue & other Slag & throughout; So that castor is best not to use, or seriously affect the quality of printing quality. In order to guarantee does not affect the production and printing quality, must have a spare ink roll, but don't store too much to avoid aging. Castor deposit environment and rubber cloth. In addition, the caster should be in shaft neck straight well, and don't touch each other or surface contact with the other items, so as to avoid deformation of castor. Castor should not be stored in the nearby large motors, generators. Because of these devices to produce a large amount of ozone can make castor surface aging and cracked. When the weather is cold, ink not divide evenly, can be appropriately in the printing ink to add auxiliary materials, prohibit using infrared heater equipment such as baking ink castor, prevent the oxidation of the caster. Ban on pu castor baking can affect performance. Again busy also want to have a look at the pu castor correct operation method, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 244. html
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