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AGV driving wheel, the product widely applicability

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-18
AGV driving wheel has been widely used in the present market demand, and the one of castor castor belongs to intelligence, in the field of automation, mechanical equipment and so on has more and more important application value in the market, high quality of AGV driving wheel with high flexibility, stability and other characteristics, for our country the present all kinds of market is a big demand for driving wheel of AGV, various types of high-quality AGV driving wheel products is rapidly conquered the blue ocean market in our country, today let's take a look at the advantages and characteristics of AGV driving wheel. First class castor has different product categories, which are frequently used in the market of the driving wheel is single and double driving wheel, the former is mainly the use of industrial and agricultural transportation and operation, now all kinds of AGV driving wheel in BMX is also more commonly used equipment, are generally based on driving and steering wheel, two fixed pulley is given priority to, mainly distributed on both sides of the axis of the body, such model flexible use of AGV driving wheel can move, flexible operation is suitable for a wide range of occasions. On the functional properties of it, AGV is a special castor, main truckle products compared with the traditional view, the suitability of AGV castor and higher technical requirements, but also on the detail design can be more perfect, the caster compare with the average castor, demand for its professional field more widely, such as combination of automation equipment, and from the Angle of the production and application of intelligent equipment, the suitability of AGV casters will be higher, as long as it is able to with some equipment with reasonable collocation, can match played a better effect. At present in some automation equipment and robot also has been widely used, many customers for this product is preferred. From the point of the design features of the product, the flexibility of AGV castor is very good, and the caster wheel is in the majority with wheeled mobile casters, but he can be adjusted according to different occasions for the corresponding products, customers before you consider buying all kinds of driving wheel can undertake a detailed consultation and understanding, including all kinds of caster wheel size and layout of the specification. Intelligent castor has more and more widely used, and the castor truckle products as an important branch of its usage and sales are all had the very big enhancement, such as AGV castor AGV car is taken to as the standard, it is mainly suitable for all kinds of mobile operation and material supply, the higher mobility of the device, and per unit time has a higher efficiency, can carry more cargo volume. But need to pay attention to me, all kinds of AGV castor industry in China started late, compared with richness and all kinds of product technology content, with foreign brands also has certain differences, advised consumers to be able to consider some well-known brands abroad,. High quality provided by the manufacturer of all kinds of caster equipment can have better detail optimization, all products before leaving the factory to be able to pass the strict screening and quality inspection, to ensure that the product of preciseness, also make the use of products can have a better effect. AGV castor the configured mobile equipment automation configuration request is higher, is committed to science and technology to create high quality products, hope that after this time to introduce you to all kinds of AGV castor etc can have a better understanding, so that they can in the subsequent purchase more sure.
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