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AGV professional castor whether ok or not

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-09
AGV is a kind of intelligent castor castor professional product design, compared with the traditional casters, it goes with the fitment of intelligent handling equipment is higher, at the same time operating flexibility and better security, which is why is considering making automatic assembly machine or AGV professional moving trolley will be more choose one of the main reasons for these casters. AGV professional castor widely used in many economic sectors, and this kind of caster and flexible operation, and all kinds of quality testing is very strict, through the use of handling equipment can also be able to streamline the needs of human resources, and it is true but not second addition to the modern economy development. AGV specialized truckle to People's Daily handling of goods a lot of convenience, and science and technology and production technology is updated in order to be able to more human liberation, improve the efficiency of all kinds of homework, today let's together to better understand what are the characteristics of the AGV professional castor. First AGV professional castor scope is most concentrated optics or electromagnetic device such as a homing or mechanized operation of the equipment, it can be done through the central control system the location of the series of operations, including according to the path of the specified forms, such as AGV car is a classic example, it can have a smooth displacement function. Truckle products comparison, compared with other AGV professional castor controllability is stronger, and the operation is very simple, work efficiency is high, so some mobile robot devices AGV professional castor is a priority. Again, the design of AGV professional castor more difficult, in order to be able to guarantee automation equipment to better use, improve the safety factor into consideration, such as AGV professional casters in the running process needs to be able to consider accurate bearing capacity test and the effect of the mobile testing, etc. , and need to be able to make such a caster and multistage screening materials, etc. , make sure you are able to make the use of castor products have better effect. Buyers considering all kinds of AGV professional casters need to be able to combine practical considerations, including all kinds of caster design parameters and different size, because different automation equipment is also different to the requirement of all kinds of castor plant, AGV professional caster design need to be able to conform to the state to the requirement of related equipment, qualified castor all parts should not have an impact on the use of defects. When considering the purchase of AGV professional casters we need to be able to communicate with factory in detail, especially the custom AGV professional castor service, need to be able to according to the overall effect of different problems in the field of mobile to provide a specific design, AGV professional castor purchase most of all is the directional wheel and universal joint procurement, so we think about castor products need to be able to consider the performance of the brake equipment, etc. , of course, in order to be able to let the castor products have better application effect, everyone still need to be able to do regular maintenance and maintenance, AGV castor material such as pu castor and total iron castor easy oxidation, so effective methods to prevent rust, need to be able to include regular grease, etc. AGV castor has now become the leading industry of the important branch of products and their function is to be reckoned with, if recent consider purchase castor products friends can know more knowledge about professional caster design, when the choose and buy can also be more targeted.
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