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AI pu castor: baidu how tough face recognition? Look here

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-05
Many people underestimate the difficulty of the technology, actually for & other; He person throughout the &; In terms of ( Both the AI and possible alien civilization) , human face structure has a very high similarity, we feel it is not hard to ( Face blindness, even if it is a kind of disease) Millions of years ago, it is because the brain evolution surplus face recognition ability, which involves the nervous system of process is very complicated. AI pu castor: baidu how tough face recognition? Look here to know the People's Daily, an article recently pointed out: & other; Now, from attendance, shopping, to take a plane, hotel, and pensioners, by & lsquo; Face & rsquo; Eat eps is no longer a joke & hellip; … Face recognition board size out of the lab and into all walks of life, convenient life, reduce the cost, improve the efficiency, thus gradually become people daily life & lsquo; The standard & rsquo; 。 ” Pu castor is familiar with the history knows, including computer, Internet and smart phones, any initial application scenario of revolutionary technology, basic occurred in the military, government and specific domains such as medical, wait until the technology development of mature, then evolved into the public products & ndash; — But I don't know if you notice, in recent years, thanks to deep learning algorithms and big data, the rapid evolution of technology maturity, make a lot of AI technology to the masses of process is very short, such as face recognition. People can not help but ask, how did all this happen? The answer is very simple, China in the face recognition & ndash; — The first tier and the artificial intelligence field, from China's science and technology enterprises continued investment in technology, and rich scene diffusion ability. Under the identity of the scene to simple know about the first of this technology. In fact, since the human striding towards information civilization, close contact with the machine start, know identification has been important, invented a variety of identity authentication & ndash; — But today, no one would deny that identity the next scene the biometrics is, instead of in it, due to technical maturity and the combination costs, face recognition biometric technology will be the first large-scale landing. Recently, the international authoritative market insight reports GenMarketInsights released the global face recognition equipment market research report, said: China face recognition output occupies the world 29 2017. 29% of the market, will reach 44, 2023. 59%. From ai media consulting data also show that in 2017 China computer vision market size is 6. 8 billion yuan, in 2020, the size of the market is expected to reach 78 billion yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of 125. 5%. Late last year, the famous international journal, cell, reveals the specific neurons of facial recognition process: in the process of identification, the brain to realize that some of the key dimensions, and identify a face about dozens of dimensions, each & other; Face cells throughout the &; About coding six dimensions of several parameters, finally a face different characteristic parameters combination for consolidation. In fact this is not hard to understand, for face recognition, this new technology which is closely related to the safety of species how fast the public acceptance, largely depends on the establishment of the application scenario how are familiar with, and as the popularity of fingerprint identification process, benefit from the apple mobile phone manufacturers such as good market education work, in a short time, face recognition is a more fast, safe, and even more cool way of recognition, has been highly cognitive of the masses. High elastic polyurethane casters & # 8203; More importantly, China's leading role in face recognition track halo, not only embodies in market share ( Of course, you can say it is part of a demographic dividend) , as well as the technology itself: Chinese companies, like baidu has PyramidBox learning algorithm for face detection depth, the authority in the world face detection public evaluation set WIDERFACE 'Easy', 'Medium' and 'Hard' three evaluation subset are the rankings, refresh the industry best; Not only that, through science and technology information on face recognition, in different latitude, different standards of the international rankings, you can often see the figure of Chinese enterprises. Now, whether in the public domain or individual category, part of the face recognition have been taken for granted. , however, is not matching with the public cognition, strong industrial age chaser identity, let many people ignore the point: in the field of face recognition, the Chinese are among the first tier. ( )
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