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All plastic moistureproof series casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-11
From castor rise up to now, with the progress and development of the society, people are becoming accustomed to efficient mobile life. In daily life, castor can bring people great convenience and makes materials handling and move easily. Castor, in a very important part of people daily tool use, castor position are also gradually improve, become an integral part of a logistics tools. Nowadays, people use castor consciousness is very strong, in addition to value the performance of the castor, also for each kind of use of relative equipment should use castor, therefore, also divide the kinds of castor very detailed and clear which indirectly proves that the casters in today's era of a wide range of applications. East power all plastic moistureproof 23 series casters, is a specializes in aquaculture, chemical industry, logistics handling industries and the development of castor. Before it does not appear, 03 s model is commonly used in industrial wheel instead of the application of this kind. 03 s industrial wheel is metal stents, surface treatment even though we do very in place, but it is in general the conventional environment down and said, is completely can be up to protect the stents task; And moist environment, often stay in the place where erosion by water vapor, it is difficult to guarantee, hard to avoid can damage to the outer layer of the caster stents, stents, which in turn further corrosion influence the service life of the stents. Aware of this, all plastic moistureproof 23 series casters in born. 23 for all plastic holder, close to 3 s of style in appearance. In particular, the orbit of 23 manganese ring structure, the current domestic market of floor of castor, stents, wave plate rotation orbit are all circular orbit. The rail due to the nature of itself geometric structure principle and processing technology in production, will cause the rotation is not smooth, noise, such as large axial radial clearance defect. By adopting a trapezoidal track structure design, and we have to reduce the number of turns to produce friction, make the caster wheel rotating flexible, at the same time, the ladder track process difficulty is small, easy to meet the design requirements, high precision orbit, so as to reduce the rotation noise and axial radial clearance. Comprehensive these advantages, gives the castor 23 flexible rotation, mute smooth performance metrics. We all plastic moistureproof wheel 23:3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch 3 kinds of specifications to choose from, is widely used in aquaculture industry, chemical industry, logistics handling. 1. Single ball polypropylene ( PP) : oil, acid resistance, alkali resistance, etc. ; 2. The single ball/polyurethane wheel, spirit ( PU) : the shock absorption, abrasion resistance and oil resistance; 3. Single ball super artificial iron ( TPR) : it has are much better than PU, wear-resisting, not easy to change color; 4. Spirit, nylon wheel ( PA) : have has better wear resistance than PP; / news_121。
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