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Amazing! Pu castor will appear crack?

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-06
Rolling resistance polyurethane material chemical composition determines that it has a lower rolling resistance than rubber. Buffering capacity of castor directly related to the hardness of castor buffering capacity, the higher the hardness, castor is hard, ability to absorb shocks, buffering capacity, rubber hardness shaw A usually in 65 & ndash; 75 degrees, and polyurethane hardness in 83 & ndash; 95 degrees, because the pu castor hardness is higher, so less buffering capacity. Amazing! Pu castor will appear crack? The bearing capacity of the bearing capacity of polyurethane casters is about 2 times of rubber casters, polyurethane casters have superior resistance to crack growth, tearing resistance, resistance to collapse cost performance, and rubber wheel, the earlier period damage of such frequent problems. Wear-resisting performance rubber casters, soft and comfortable performance is good, but not as good as pu castor wear-resisting, generally pu castor wear-resisting performance is four times that of rubber casters. PP universal casters adopt stainless steel spring damping castor outsourcing polyurethane core wheel core. With good flexibility and abrasion resistance. It installed on the vehicle equipment in power low ( Such as 6 inches shock-proof wheels and 3. 6 kg of the power of single wheel load of 200 kg) 。 High speed drive spring damping castor with double cone ball bearing. In the process of high-speed traction, can better prevent castor, greatly reduce the noise, the quiet for production workshop production environment. Stainless steel sealing dust-proof and universal casters winding performance damping spring castor earthquake spring completely sealed, has excellent dustproof and winding resistance, to adapt to the different options and requirements. Shockproof spring spring damping castor selection of quality, big diameter size bead board, floor and upper plate after heat treatment, can greatly improve the beads plate of hardness and toughness, to rotate the disk is more flexible. Easy, greatly improve the performance of the force, to avoid damage to the caster wheel on the concave and convex surface. ( ​ )
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