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An important dimension of castor - — The installation height

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-30
Castor installation height is a very important size, especially when the foot rotation, and no spare to replace other casters will pay attention to, in addition to care about bearing whether meet the requirements, it is installation height of the first questions to consider; If the caster and other installation height not unified, can appear the phenomenon such as tilt, seriously affect the normal use. Installed what is castor height: height is refers to the caster in use process, the height of the caster wheel off the ground after installation. Castor installation height has several: 1, single wheel installation height is the wheel radius, the height of the bearing center in ground is castor installation height; Type 2, backplane castor castor height floor to the ground in the installation height, fixed also is such, height is not only base plate and the height of the wheel, is the support of eccentricity to the height of the wheel bearing and the height of the wheel radius is the actual height;
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