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And everybody discuss pu castor application methods in various fields

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-29
To put it bluntly, this sentence and the social common goods produced in time, the more value the price is higher, is not conducive to the popularity of goods. To develop economy, must reduce the production time. In any commodity production process, handling time is with a share of the goods. The traditional goods transportation often rely on artificial, since the advent of polyurethane casters, trolley, van really realized the leap on the function, greatly reduced the time of cargo handling, also on the overall improve the production efficiency of all kinds of goods. And everyone discuss pu castor application in various industries for pu castor size choice, in China's big supermarket trolley, for example, most of the diameter of 4 - 5 'castor. Different size of caster and the current market, from the smallest 1 to 10 inches, a larger will be made out with application need. In usually use life, diameter of 3 inches below the castor can be meet. The bearing capacity of the caster. Bearing capacity is an important factor of castor specifications, current castor altogether is divided into: light super-heavy castor castor, medium casters, heavy-duty casters, and etc. Castor is what type, can be from pu castor wheels and the thickness of the scaffold materials and qualitative analysis. The wheels and the thicker the stent materials, the material density is higher, the greater the firmness, the stronger the bearing capacity of natural. The size of the stainless steel universal brake casters to see pu castor. In general, the larger the caster wheel size to promote the energy saving, the more suitable environment. Size small, time rate is relatively low, also calls for more clean and tidy environment, can't have too much stuff on the ground. At the same time, the bigger the caster wheel size accuracy is not operation, the smaller the size large accuracy of operation. For thrust rod is general rules is round or polygon, may also directly bring a pliers clamp, and then plug pu castor stem directly pull out, try to replace the new rod. Polyurethane casters specifications of judge selection is directly related to the specific application of castor effect, on the macro picture trundle specifications of the selected accurately can exponentially improve castor manufacturers production efficiency, achieve economic benefit to ascend. So, castor specifications and how to judge? Among castor inserted rod is generally choose hexagonal, you can try a hexagonal wrench unscrew. If or not, please sent to the nearest casters agent for professional maintenance. Pu castor manufacturers price at the macro level, the material of a place economically developed degree, can also see from a single industrial production the application status of parts required. Pu castor is a very good reference, but where the economy developed, pu castor is application of a high popularity. Whether in factory workshop, warehouse, supermarket, hospital, school, mining area, to be able to see the application of castor, each roll caster wheel, it is a key support to the local economy to connect platform. The bearing capacity of the pu castor size, although there is a reasonable scientific calculation method, but also basically see the specific use environment, also depends on the roughness of the ground. In general, the bearing capacity of the pu castor must choose more and more, to ensure the safety in the concrete use of can fully use. Learned to understand that the economic value of goods is decided by social necessary labor time. ( )
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