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Anti-static castor material and anti-static work

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-08
Anti-static casters used material, the principle of anti-static, anti-static casters to surrounding the release of electrostatic adsorption, because any surfaces with electrical conductivity, produces a static magnetic fields. The smaller resistance coefficient, flows through the electric current on the surface of the object, the greater the conductivity, the better, on the contrary, the greater the resistance, through the current on the surface of the object is smaller, conductive performance is poor. Anti-static coefficient: 6-10 Nine power ohms. In the aspect of environmental protection: 1, it effectively resolved not to leave his mark on the ground, keep the floor clean and tidy. 2, it push light, shock absorption, smooth operation, to reduce the noise. 3, it around the electrostatic adsorption, effectively protect the health of the workers. 4, castor contains no lead, lead is harmful to human body material. 5, do not use in acid and alkali corrosive environment, avoid contact with oil stains, these are all can affect the conductivity of castor. Components for PCB, when the electrostatic discharge protection zones, should be placed on electrostatic shielding bag or conductive carrying boxes as well. Some bags use conductive materials, it can make sure that all components under stable conditions at the same potential, at the same time will accidentally ran to the electrostatic charges wasted on the bag. This method cannot be applied to a circuit board with battery, in this case, the lining is electrostatic loss materials should be adopted, and the packing bag of outer layer is a conductive material. The price of this bag is higher, but to add electricity and not add electric component provides excellent protection. Also, the internal circuit board is equipped with a fixed guide rail of conductive boxes can't bare with edge connectors, electric circuit board are used together. Anti-static castor how to deal with the transportation of electrostatic discharge? Components of conveyor belt pin, we usually use conductive foam. This prevents components appear higher electric potential difference between pin, for dual-in-line package components, using electrostatic deteriorating tube in bulk transport process.
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