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Antistatic caster and the quality control of raw materials

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-07
Anti-static castor classification and the quality control of raw materials raw materials supplier evaluation and selection of the production of raw materials should be carried out classification management, give prominence to the key leading enterprise need raw material variety, but different impact of different raw materials for production of product quality. To facilitate control the purchasing quality focus, should according to different raw materials production impact on the quality of our products, raw materials to classify management. Generally fall into three categories: A kind of raw material: refers to in the process of production use, may produce direct and significant impact on the quality of our products ( Such as direct influence on product key features, performance may be) The raw materials. Class B: raw materials refers to in the process of production use, can bring indirect or more important influence on the quality of the product of raw materials. Class C material: refers to the general for the auxiliary parts, general or minor raw materials influence on product quality. Evaluation practice shows that the supplier of raw material purchasing raw material quality is stable, largely depends on the supplier's quality management level. Therefore, before the purchase, should provide all kinds of raw materials to evaluate supplier quality assurance ability. ( 1) For class A raw material supplier evaluation is the key to the evaluation of A kind of raw material suppliers, general to on-the-spot investigation, the evaluation of the quality system running status, always supply situation and supply quality exception handling and corrective ability, as well as the number of delivery and delivery capabilities, its product price, its after-sales service ability, Including after-sales service attitude, timeliness, effect) And so on. The information provided by: even at the same time refer to supplier, from the supplier's other customers profile survey, understanding, test and trial to provide samples of raw materials, to provide the quality of raw materials in the form of the results of the analysis and evaluation on a regular basis. ( 2) Evaluation of B and C class raw materials suppliers. Normally not on-the-spot investigation, the main access to suppliers data, test and trial to provide samples of raw materials, raw material quality analysis result analysis and so on, on a regular basis to achieve to supplier evaluation. Class B: in case of raw materials supplier evaluation, put forward by purchasing department 'class B raw material supplier evaluation list' and provide B type supplier related information, or previous class B raw material inspection, usage such as quality, service, price, and other data, information, technology, manufacturing, quality, financial and other related department to sign, Review) Can be approved to top managers; Of class C ability of raw material supplier evaluation, put forward by purchasing department 'class C supplier evaluation list', signed by the quality, financial and other sign, purchasing manager after execution. The selection of raw material suppliers and determine the qualified raw material suppliers should be through the choice to determine. For a qualified raw material suppliers, depending on the results of each supplier quality assurance ability assessment and production use, price, credit and other factors. Finalize the supplier, therefore, should choose more appropriate comparing several same raw materials suppliers, especially in the use of production, and each supplier quality assurance ability in a case.
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