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Antistatic caster wheel load and tire pressure of influencing factors

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-08
Antistatic caster wheel load and tire pressure influence factors under the condition of certain load and driving, forklift truck tires have a proper tire pressure, when the tire pressure is less than standard values, tire radial deformation increases, both sides have excessive deflection, so that the tire crown on both sides of the earth, the tire inner pressure, the outer wall of the tire in tension, tire cord in the body to produce larger deformation and alternating stress. Periodic compression deformation, can back to speed cord fatigue damage, make the tyre cord fabric layer and increase the relative slip between tire and ground, the heat generated by the friction increase, tire temperature rise sharply, reduce the tensile strength of rubber and cord loose and local layer, if it comes to the barrier impact produces flat tire. Uneven tire pressure, tire shoulder worn-out, produce 'bridge effect', tyres are angled dentate or wavy. Tire pattern notch easily embedded road nails and stones, cause mechanical damage. Tire rolling resistance increase, fuel consumption increase. Tests show that when the tire pressure is lower than the standard value of 20% 25%, fuel consumption increase correspondingly by 20%. When the tire pressure is higher than standard value, make the tire crown central earthing, tire and road surface contact area is reduced, the load per unit area increased, tire wear in central crown. Tire cord are overreach, stress increases, cord cord fatigue process is accelerated, cause cord tensile, cause early tire blowout. Under certain load and tire pressure, the speed increase, the deformation of the tire frequencies, the vibration of the tire body and tire circumference and lateral distortion ( Form a stationary wave) Increases, the unit of time the heat resulting from the internal friction increases, the work of the tire performance degradation, appear even body cord rupture and tread peeling phenomenon, accelerate the tire wear and tear. Under certain tire pressure, tire overload increased its flexural deformation, stress of the tire cord and cord, easy to cause fetal cord wall parts broken, loose and cord fabric layer, the stress of the fetus cord will exceed the design allows the tire ground pressure and stress, the heat generated by the increase, the body temperature, bearing capacity decline. Wear the tire shoulder contact with the ground at the same time, especially when encountered obstacles, even a small stone, can also cause tire crown blasting. Practice has proved that in the case of turning and driving on rough road surface, when the tire load exceeds 20%, the range will be shortened by 35%; More than 50%, 59%; More than 1 times, shorten by more than 80%. Road conditions has a very big impact on the service life of tires, it affect the tire friction with the ground conditions and tyre dynamic load. High-grade hardware castor castor antistatic caster wheel
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