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At present is suitable for the working environment and pu castor needs to have?

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-06
In the face of numerous pu castor, we want to see the size of pu castor. General polyurethane caster wheel diameter, the greater the push, the more energy saving the obstacle ability the better, because pu castor first western industrialization in the late 19th century, so the pu castor generally in inches, such as China's supermarket trolley mostly with 5 inch, 4 inch pu castor. General often need to promote, such as supermarket shopping cart, logistics trolley, factory with 4 ~ 6 inch pu castor is better. But too much pu castor diameter can make equipment center of gravity rises, the cost increase, so must carry on the comprehensive consideration. If the device does not need to often push, such as furniture, refrigerator, etc. , only need to move during cleaning, choose 3 inches below pu castor. At present is suitable for the working environment and pu castor needs to have? I believe that many people don't know which one choice when choosing industrial casters, which one is suitable for yourself, which one is suitable for the current working environment and needs. In fact, it is not difficult to choose industrial castor manufacturers of industrial casters, you only need to consider a few factors according to their own situation to choose suitable for their own use industrial casters. Zhongshan wei letter caster manufacturing co. , LTD. Provide some references for you. All plastic AB brake PP universal casters according to different road conditions to choose different sizes of industrial casters. For example, you should choose a big castor to deal with road surface pavement or on the surface of the fracture more rutted road. Need to see the bearing, the same kind of the diameter of the pu castor, general manufacturers can produce several series for different bearing, such as light, medium, medium etc. , the method is to make the wheels and stents have different thickness or material. Calculate the load of a single pu castor to offer certain insurance coefficient, relatively flat on the ground, a single pu castor load = ( Equipment & divide; On the pu castor number) × 1. 2 ( Insurance coefficient) ; If the ground not level off, the algorithm for single pu castor load = total weight & divide; 3, because no matter what kind of uneven ground, always at least three wheels support equipment at the same time, the algorithm is equal to increase the coefficient of insurance, more reliable, to prevent the bearing is not enough, lead to greatly reduce or pu castor life lead to accidents. Wheel hub bearing choice determines the cargo carrying capacity and adaptability to the environment, the size of the castor also affects the industrial caster wheel rotation, produced by the high quality of bearing steel ball bearings. It can withstand overload, suitable for the need to be flexible rotation and smooth on the surface of the road. Rolling bearing can withstand overloading, general rotation flexibility. For those who need higher or higher load and speed the occasion requires a plane bearing. Ball bearings are usually flexible, and high resistance, but recommended for low humidity and corrosion resistance. American universal flat brake casters every industrial truckle to adapt to different working conditions, and select the better one to adapt to the special environment. Traditional rubber, for example, can't bear acid oil and chemicals, so choose corresponding industrial casters according to environment is more durable, and in wet or corrosive environment choose wheels with bearings. Industrial casters manufacturers pu castor interaction relationship between product quality and cost, be in usually, high quality heavy pu castor products is built on the basis of high cost, cost is the premise condition, the quality is the result. But sometimes enterprise high costs is caused because the product quality is bad. One is in the process of production scrap loss and repair cost to increase the product cost. 2 it is associated with poor quality unstable product quality, make the maintenance service after the products are sold out the cost. So to improve quality is the idea of reducing costs. ( ​ )
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