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Attention of medium-sized castor for daily use

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-09
Medium-sized castor products are extensively used in many industries, and in the castor industry also is real purchase hot spots, but a lot of customer knowledge of how to use the right medium casters don't know much, so always make medium casters at a discount greatly effect in the process of using or shorten the service life of normal, in fact, a lot of the time is not the product quality is bad, but because of who I am that caused by improper use, in order to improve the practicability of the products, today let's take a look at medium-sized castor is daily use process need to be aware of all matters. In either type of castor products, daily use of the time don't load beyond the allowed weight objects, if in case of necessity, should as far as possible to shorten the time of loading of objects, and objects to put light with light, reduce the wastage of the products for caster, handling of medium-sized castor is suitable for small devices, generally three moxianglun assembly good mobility can installation method is superior to the assembly with the specifications of the four rounds. In addition, medium casters in use process do not add or install additional traction device, unless is a special custom, otherwise easily because of irregularities influence the use effect of the castor products, medium-sized castor loading method can adopt two directional wheel and one universal wheel, suitable for such units and those with low center of gravity, MLJ short-distance transportation equipment, its advantage is obvious, mainly including the direction of the good control and fuel economy. Again, medium casters in transit to try to avoid uneven loading weight, and don't carry things in the original plan shipment outside objects, medium casters bearing capacity is also a need to consider the details of specific castor collocation according to actual condition to consider. If considering the directional casters, then in the brake locked state not reluctantly. Medium casters used to avoid collision force, for example, vibration or sharp objects to the forklift claw collision and so on, also don't strongly wipe the brake pedal, these will affect the normal use of the equipment. Use according to different environment of medium-sized castor considering the material also is not the same, the general material of castor such as stainless steel caster is not recommended in obvious uneven or sharp objects using road environment, demand is higher, if road advice can take high-tech medium polyurethane casters. Finally, the use of product temperature condition for medium-sized castor has a great influence, in general, the use effect of freezing and high temperature casters will be discounted, if used in a cold environment medium casters, suggest to choose pu material medium castor is preferred, such castor operation is not restricted in low temperature environment, flexible. If it is a high temperature environment can take truckle products, high temperature resistant concrete environment specific consideration accordingly. Above is common use the matters needing attention of heavy duty castor products, hope everybody to such castor skill can have certain understanding on the use of the products, it can also improve the effect of the use of the product, I hope everyone can buy the cheap and fine medium castor products, proper use can better play the actual utility of castor products.
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