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Attention, reader: baidu account on June 1, need real name

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-01
Dear reader, please note: baidu account on June 1, need real name! Report from our correspondent, said baidu's announcement at the request of the network security law of the People's Republic of China, from June 1, use the Internet real-name authentication service need to account, after using E-mail registered users need to be done by June 1 phone number verification, a mobile phone number depending on the situation, you can validate multiple accounts. About the real-name authentication, baidu have long binding mobile phone number, but did not mention account id. Now, baidu has banned the use of registered mail accounts, stressed the need to use a phone number, and user's phone number must be at home. Users without binding mobile phone number real-name certification, will limit the login after June 1. But this account real-name authentication will not affect the user use baidu search, and other functions, but when the user use baidu post bar, baidu cloud services, you will need to log on to baidu account. After the state Internet information office began promoting network identity information management, including microblog real-name system, post bar and website, etc. Guosen do also issued 'regulations on Internet user account name, use microblogging to the public, such as WeChat online account name ( Including avatar and profile) To specification. In recent years, the user id is becoming the important ways to the development of the industry, regulators specification & other; The phone throughout the system &; &ldquo仍然; Express the system & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Live web celebrity to be real-name registration & throughout; Have developed rules and so on. More about pu castor related knowledge please visit the following url to obtain: hynews / 218. html
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