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Authority release: industrial pu castor market penetration

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-02
Authority release: market penetration of the industrial pu castor, used for handling all kinds of mechanical machine or other heavy objects, can cooperate with jack, hand over the top and other lifting tool are used together, reduce the labor intensity, improve efficiency. I companies operating various types of truck, such as the carrier, is mainly used for handling journey across obstacles in handling work, the carrier can easily cross obstacle, won't hurt to the carrier and the operation is simple; If often meet industrial castor was possessed of clutter phenomenon, advising clients to assemble the cover to avoid. Check after repair of industrial casters, determine whether the bolt and nut tightening, as far as possible at all to use the locking bolt washer or locknut. If the inside of the bracket with the loose wheel will be to the rotation of the wheels was damaged or not. Pu castor is a very good reference, but where the developed economy, industrial pu castor is the application of a high popularity. Whether in factory workshop, warehouse, supermarket, hospital, school, mining area, to be able to see the application of industrial pu castor, each scroll pu castor, it is a key support to the local economy to connect platform. Steering the ball joint is a related to the safety performance in automobile parts, so should have enough strength, stiffness, feasibility, abrasion resistance and service life. The ball head sealing is one of the most important ring lee, grinding by using cold castor riveting sealing and connected with high intensity, good sealing, good appearance, so this technology has been adopted by more and more the technologist. Authority release: market penetration of the industrial pu castor, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 302. html
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