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Authority to solve pu castor daily maintenance of the necessary methods

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-29
Authority to solve pu castor daily maintenance methods required! ! ! According to different use place choose different material of castor: caster wheel in different materials have different physical and chemical properties. Castor material is different, use place environment is different, can lead to the service life of the castor is different. The user should know when using castor castor suitable for use, avoid to cause unnecessary loss. Prevent overload: user should recognize when using castor castor and its accessory products bearing the weight, choose appropriate load castor for use. Before use to anticipate to carry weight, select the caster and its supporting products bearing the weight bearing weight should be greater than 1. More than 5 times. Castor for effective maintenance: users should regularly to maintain functioning part of the caster. Maintenance is divided into lubricating and cleaning operation of the site and entanglement and good anticorrosion, specific as follows: 1, the framework of the castor ball running parts, wheel bearing running parts should add lubricating oil regularly. 2, regular cleaning, wrapped around the caster wheel bracket steel ball running parts, wheel bearing clouds winding or thrum of the; 3, most of the caster wheel bracket is made of metal, corrosion prevention is very important for the service life of castor, prevent rusting caster stents can daub antirust paint, rust-proof oil on a regular basis. Authority to solve pu castor daily maintenance methods required! ! ! 新闻/ 125。 html
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