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Baidu online look at wuxi pu castor take you give it a try

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-04
Baidu online look at wuxi pu castor take you try, & other; I see wuxi in baidu, I discovered the beauty of wuxi & throughout; Activity officially launched, citizens can search on baidu & other; Find the beauty of wuxi & throughout; Upload the wuxi opportunities. At noon yesterday, the reporter baidu & other; Find the beauty of wuxi & throughout; Immediately into the special page, in addition to wuxi & other Throughout urban business card &; Turtle head isle, the three cities, such as yixing purple sand wuxi representative buildings, specialty, and wuxi of old photos, photo contest and weekend with footsteps measure urban charm, and so on. Divided by & other; Find the beauty of wuxi & throughout; Search keywords of wuxi city brand name card, the project will first theme activities through online two-way cooperation, interactive online with & other Eye & throughout; Found in wuxi beautiful moment, mobilize the full participation, through the lens keep in mind, the cognitive characteristics of wuxi culture, promote wuxi profile, create a tin city new business CARDS; Offline use & other; Foot & throughout; Experience of wuxi nature scenery, linkage traveling scenic area, wuxi city, jiangyin, yixing, Hong Kong and actively promoting citizens around wuxi, in wuxi with measurement of beauty of the city, all-round, multi-angle to discover the beauty of the city. Also, things wuxi high-speed development of modernization. Efforts to take advantage of city, expand the city, make urban business card, optimize the resource integration, boost the urban development. It is reported, since November 2017, baidu union jointly launched more than 30 domestic cities & other; I see in baidu throughout China &; Series of activities, found the city by the daily life of ordinary people perspective, aims to explore and show the unique flavor of each city, build brand in China. Organizers said expectations by baidu big data, and artificial intelligence platform, from the same city to discover differences in appearance and function, the 960 square kilometers of native land and urban development and create one by one, see again, let citizens own beautiful national brand in China, and play. Baidu online see wuxi pu castor take you try it, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 428. html
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