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Baidu technology led the world @ high elastic polyurethane casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-04
Baidu technology led the world @ high elastic polyurethane casters, until last year, baidu is the first time in CES released DuerOS intelligence products; Baidu to CES this year as a & other; Home & throughout; , brought carry DuerOS intelligent household. JingKun university undergraduate course studies is the computer professionals, silicon valley was far ahead in the field of IT, he bought all the tools, software and products, from silicon valley. CES JingKun to many times, but as visitors to sigh with emotion infection before the world's top science and technology trends. JingKun explains: urban family compared with China, Japan, urban residents more shelter on rent, and shelter space is more compact, so seldom install television in the bedroom and other entertainment equipment. And many exhibition CES, baidu degrees JingKun secret division general manager just landing in Las Vegas, saw in the airport, on light rail, outdoor advertising in Google Assistant ( Google voice assistant) Advertising. But it is not the same as now, artificial intelligence has basically become a worldwide trend, go hand in hand two powers in China and the United States, China and even led the world in the field of certain scenes. In this year's CES, in addition to baidu launched support simple Apollo 2 of city road automatic driving. Baidu 0, AI's another highlight is the secret division of DuerOS2. 0 conversational AI control system, and carry DuerOS2. 0 three hardware product: small fish at home VS1 born intelligent video speakers, Sengled di smart speaker lamp and baidu day duty's native advertising platform popIn cooperation intelligent projection absorb dome light. ” He said in a chat with reporters CES. In the first finance and economics in an exclusive interview with 2018 ces, said JingKun DuerOS is & other; The Chinese version of Alexa” Intelligent voice interaction system, but also generalize the baidu the story behind the secret, challenges, and future vision of AI applications. 。 In the Japanese market intelligence projection absorb dome light, for example. “ Alexa( Amazon voice assistant) And Google Assistant seemed to propaganda badly. It can be voice through DuerOS interaction, the user as long as a word can open to turn off the lights, and access to information and entertainment content. Therefore DuerOS and m projector, baidu, the first duty of a company's native advertising platform, together with popIn popIn Aladdin have dome light, projectors, speakers three properties of the products of intelligent projection absorb dome light. More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 429. html
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