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Baidu will lead the independent brand development direction @ pu castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-03
Baidu will lead the independent brand development direction @ pu castor, a few days ago, Beijing auto group and baidu officially signed strategic cooperation. Beijing auto group and baidu signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the cooperation between the two sides will for the industry to explore & other; Artificial intelligence + car & throughout; Omni-directional depth fusion ecosystem play an exemplary role, announced in areas such as automatic driving, car networking group level strategic cooperation. Secretary of the party committee, chairman of the board of directors Xu Heyi Beijing auto group, Beijing automotive group, deputy party secretary, general manager Zhang Xi yong; Baidu's founder, chairman and CEO robin li, baidu's vice President and CEO assistant leung che-cheung, baidu intelligent driving zhen-yu li, general manager of enterprise group, as well as the relevant leaders attended the signing ceremony. According to the agreement, the two sides announced on autopilot, will be open to baidu Apollo platform vehicle platforms with baic group as the foundation, with the help of baidu heart of artificial intelligence technology, advance baic's rapid fall to the ground on autopilot. News said, is to realize automatic L3 levels before and after 2019 vehicle production, realize the level of L4 automated driving around 2021 vehicles. Apollo in car networking, baidu will DuerOS, vehicle products and technologies, such as information security, image recognition and depth fusion, baic on-board system to develop car networking products. Is expected by the end of 2018, Beijing auto group independent brand overall pick up baidu Apollo car networking products, by 2019, with baidu car networking products of Beijing automotive group will break 1 million vehicles. Beijing auto group chairman Xu Heyi said: & other; With the rise of artificial intelligence technology, the traditional manufacturing industry is facing an unprecedented great change, we need to more innovative, open spirit, actively to meet the future. Intelligence is the development trend of global auto industry, is also Beijing auto group to create a service-oriented and innovative enterprise transformation of one of the important paths. We hope that through the cooperation with baidu, in the field of automatic driving, intelligent network and intelligent traffic more solutions, to provide users with better travel life. ” Baidu will lead the independent brand development direction @ pu castor, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 356. html
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