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Before you buy pu castor few pay attention to the details is the key

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-03
Should pay attention to this a few details before buy pu castor is key, at present there are mainly manual welding and automatic welding welding way. The use of technology for CO2 welding, the mixture of argon and carbon dioxide protection welding metal droplet and in the process of the invasion of the harmful gas from the outside world. Mixed gas argon accounted for 30%, 70% carbon dioxide. Pu castor refers to the middle bracket to the spacing rivets vertical line, turn the radius to the middle degree of rivets on the edge of the vertical line to the outside of the tire interval, turn the radius is reasonable or not directly affects the industrial casters use fixed number of year of survival. Industrial casters in dynamic negative state of execution of the standard and factory test postures pattern varies, whether can key in the layout of the stent and quality may shock and vibration. Needle roller bearing is suitable for the radial pressure and rotation speed of the smaller occasions; Ball bearing is suitable for the occasion of small radial pressure and high speed. Almost the same in the same size, speed, the radial load cylinder is greater than the ball bearing axial load; Columns under axial load in the opposite direction or generally don't bear axial load, commonly used in the shaft of the free end; Ball bearings can withstand two-way load in the fixed end. Can tell, the same brand, same lubrication, under the condition of same load cylinder bearing is greater than the life of a ball bearing. For casting and machined reasons appear bad, put into the specified area, and clean up the day. Caster wheel in machining operations, due to take a closer look at the drawings first, secondly on castor processing. Castor processing machine tools used in equipment is an important way to ensure the quality of castor processing after coming out, so, long-term for maintenance of machine tool equipment is regularly each engaged in castor car processors should be daily work to do. Should pay attention to this a few details before buy pu castor is critical, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 366. html
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