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Big into castor analyses industrial casters occupied much position in the transport industry

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-10
Industrial casters in handling especially to people moving object has brought the era of revolution, not only can easily carry, also can with any direction, greatly improving the efficiency. To trace the history of the wheel is also a very difficult thing, but after people invented the wheel, moving and moving object is a lot easier, but can only be run on a straight line, wheel for moving heavy objects to the direction of the change is still very difficult, then people invented with a steering wheel structure, that is what we now call the casters. What we call the activities of the wheel, its structure allows level rotate 360 degrees. Industrial casters is a general designation, including activities and fixed chakras. Fixed wheel rotating structure, not horizontal rotation only vertical rotation. How to make better use of the wheel? Better use of the wheel, into castor manufacturers, tell you need to pay attention to the following: 1, fixed between the wheel must be its axle on a straight line. 2, the wheels must be installed in the location of the manufacturer to indicate the design. 3, install the wheel bracket must have sufficient strength, to qualify for use when the weight bearing. 4, the function of the wholesale castor wheels cannot be changed, also not affected by installation. 5, if the fixed wheel and the rotating wheel, so all the wheels must be compatible with each other, and subject to manufacturer's recommended. 6, shaft must always vertical movement. Finally, if only use rotating wheel, they must be consistent. Recently with the rise of the industrial revolution, the more and more equipment need to move, the wheels are used more and more widely around the world, all walks of life almost inseparable from castor manufacturers. In the modern along with the continuous development of science and technology, the equipment is becoming more and more multifunctional and high utilization rate, the wheel has become indispensable parts. The development of industrial casters are more specialized and became a special industry. Big into castor co. , LTD. , owns a modern factory covering 30000 square meters, is a production of various specifications of the series of industrial casters, casting products, electroplating products, industrial trolley, stamping sheet metal, plastic, PU casting and other products of professional manufacturers. Hotline: 400 600 - 8532 this paper label: big into castor industrial casters a: big into castor high temperature heavy duty castor is analysed for you why can stand out in the next article in the industry: big into castor for you to explain the difference between heavy duty caster wheel pair of brake and brake
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