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Big into castor analyses industrial casters used in different nature in the industry

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-28
Different environment requires different castor to use, such as hospital beds often use medical casters, furniture office chairs often want to use furniture caster, a large supermarket is using a supermarket casters with brakes, etc. , can say now industrial castor varieties is changing due to the different nature has created different castor varieties. Then we simply say it is not the same material under the castor application in the industry. First as more frequent use of a rubber casters, due to the special rubber material, its elastic, good resistance to sliding, and the surface friction coefficient is high, so at the time of delivery of the goods can be guided, security of mobile, therefore has been widely used in indoor and outdoor use. Secondly artificial rubber casters due to the low cost, synthetic rubber has a special plastic material processing and become, its inheritance the flexibility of rubber casters, water resistant at the same time, strong cold resistance, resistance to high temperature and extreme conditions such as can be normal use, so is also a in the use of a wide range of castor has higher industry prospects. Then pu castor with polyurethane abrasion resistance, water resistance and other characteristics, so much for environmental protection, clean industry, polyurethane (pu) on the surface of friction coefficient is small, so in the process of using low noise coefficient, become a lot of environmental protection industry preferred. Nylon casters not only has good heat resistance, cold resistant, wear resistance and other characteristics, and compare its weight light, convenient to carry, more and more in the transport industry, using or aviation industry. Zhongshan big into castor co. , LTD. , owns a modern factory covering 30000 square meters, is a production of various specifications of industrial casters series, casting products, electroplating products, industrial trolley, stamping sheet metal, plastic, PU casting and other products of professional manufacturers. Hotline: 400 600 - 8532 this paper label: industrial casters into casters a: choose shallow of big into castor castor must pay attention to the eight major performance parameters of the next article: big into castor to teach you how to prevent castor rust
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