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by:Dajin caster     2020-05-10
Yesterday, the attached & other; Wanda & throughout; Trademark of universal wheel container port smoothly through sent to Japan. Since this year, taizhou wanda wheel manufacture co. , LTD. , production of castor wheels in short supply, has had more than 10 batches of exported to Japan, the United States, Australia and southeast Asia, the total exports more than $100. Affected by the financial crisis, many enterprises export is blocked, wanda why not rose? “ Relying on the Internet provide B2B sales way, we found out the direct dialogue with foreign client platform, open a new channel of foreign trade export. ” Says xiao feng, general manager of the company. In 1999, graduated from the university of xiao feng did not like the other students to stay in town work, choosing instead to return business. Ordinary workers started from the workshop, xiao feng worked at father founded the company research and development, sales, almost all jobs are round again. Under his leading, the company successfully developed a series of 12 near thousand varieties specifications of the universal wheel, directional wheel, brake wheel. Among them, by his base castor directly involved in the development of solar energy products, with reasonable design, high cost performance advantages, become a domestic and international market demand. In 2003, has served as general manager xiao feng expansion has decisively, he invested more than 300 ten thousand yuan to build the more than 4000 square meters of standard workshop, the output value of the enterprise sales jumped to more than 6000 ten thousand yuan. “ Although now expands day by day, but our destiny is still in others hands. ” Xiao feng said, because the customer master in the hands of the foreign trade agency, to a significant portion of the profits they earn, it also become the biggest obstacle to expand overseas market. With the application of gradually B2B sales on the Internet, many companies & other; Travelled throughout the &; The network. Seize this opportunity, xiao feng spend hundreds of thousands of yuan registered a foreign trade company, will be moved to the online sales platform, through the network direct negotiation with the foreign travelling trader supply, success has opened up a new foreign trade export channels. After more than a year of operation, xiao feng in the hands of more and more foreign trade customers, & other; Wanda & throughout; Universal wheel and the title of abroad, the domestic many universal wheel production enterprises began to the entrusted xiao feng outside sales. “ We put the other CARDS in the past, now is the somebody else stick our brand. ” Xiao feng told reporters that at present domestic to negotiate for & other; Wanda & throughout; A lot of OEM enterprises. Based on online sales platform, this year, the company will further expand the customer base, continue to adjust product structure, from the universal wheel bracket, tight coupling and other products, constantly promote enterprise bigger and stronger. This article from:
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