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Big into castor teach you choose truck heavy-duty casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-04
A, cold and hot temperature for many wheels are likely to cause trouble, hand truck, had better choose to adapt themselves to the environment temperature of heavy-duty casters. Heavy-duty casters, using field conditions according to the actual working conditions of heavy universal wheel to choose the appropriate wheel material: 1, use on the rough ground, should wear resistance and resilient rubber, polyurethane or super synthetic rubber wheels. 2, in the work, special high temperature or low temperature or working environment temperature difference is very big, should choose metal wheels or special high temperature resistant wheels. 3, where the requirements to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic generation, had better use special anti-static round, also can choose metal wheel ( If the ground does not require protection, 。 4 when there is a large number of corrosive medium, work environment, should choose to have good corrosion resistance of the wheel accordingly. On the basis of using the environment requirement for heavy universal wheel adaptability, selected the most suitable models. Three, according to the design load single heavy load of wheels need to be carrying capacity. Heavy universal wheel bearing capacity is the most basic request and the key to a wheel, should leave the certain safety margin. Four, rotational flexibility, high precision ball bearing 1 special smooth and flexible operation, especially suitable for high-grade equipment and quiet environment. 2, high quality dupont engineering plastics manufacturing, the spirit of bearing widely adapt to all kinds of corrosive medium. 3, elaborate needle bearing still easily under pressure. 4, to protect the beautiful floor, please use the soft rubber, polyurethane and super synthetic rubber heavy duty castor. 5, in order to avoid leaves ugly round printing on the ground, please select a special grey rubber heavy duty castor wheels, polyurethane wheels, the super artificial iron and other no round wheels. Five, the other in accordance with the requirements of various special, can choose the appropriate accessories. Manual hydraulic carrier, such as dust cap, sealing ring and anti-wind cover can maintain the cleanness of caster wheel rotating parts, prevent all kinds of fiber entanglement, make flexible heavy-duty casters use for a long time still the same; Stopper and double brake switch device can effectively prevent the rotation of the heavy-duty casters and steering, so you can stay in any position. This paper label: shock casters industrial truckle heavy-duty casters a: make industrial universal wheel rotation more flexible next article: shock good properties and application fields of castor
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