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Big into castor tells the historical evolution of the universal wheel -- to you Castor, industrial casters manufacturers: big wheel industry!

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-10
Sometimes, the simplest is the most important invention. Wanda although cannot say who is the first person to reinvent the wheel, but access to data that can be traced back to the earliest record of 5500 years ago. Before the invention of the wheel in the invention of the wheel, people want to push or drag heavy on the ground, then people can see smooth stone rolling down from the hillside and inspired, just had to make the wheels to transport to the idea. The first is the carriage wheels on the solid wooden wheels. Together with biscuit of 3 two, and then cut into circles. They first appeared in about 3200 BC. About 4500 years ago, the ancient egyptians built pyramids as tombs and temples. Groups of workers with rolling wood to move the rock. There are spokes of the wheel is began around the year 2000 BC. Turn the wheel light than solid wheel, is fast, suitable for the vehicle. Made from iron wire spokes of the wheel in around 1800, they are light and strong. The wheels were first used in car, bicycle and early on. In the 1950 s, car wire wheels replaced by metal wheels. Universal casters to appear after people invented the wheel, moving and moving object is a lot easier, but can only be run on a straight line, wheel for moving heavy objects to the direction of the change is still very difficult, then people invented with a steering wheel structure, that is what we now call the castor or universal wheel. Castor appear to carry especially moving object has the revolutionary era, people's labor efficiency greatly increased. Recently with the rise of the industrial revolution, the more and more equipment need to move, the traffic is in urgent need of improvement, caster design and production got people attach great importance to and from all walks of life has almost cannot leave the caster. Modern along with the continuous development of science and technology, caster has become an indispensable part. Castor also from the original small-scale, decentralized workshop processing development for professional strong, industry scale a big special industries. Universal casters brought convenience to people it is because of the wheel, after have evolved from various kinds of casters, wheels, just can have today we convenience of modern life. The emergence of universal casters to aspects of the daily life of people has a big influence, perhaps they are also a power to promote the development of social advancement. Does not have edges and corners universal casters, can roll or rotate equably, promote the progress of the transportation, bicycles, cars, trains and trams in highway, railway and other land transport and even smooth walking on rough ground. In addition, the circular motion of the wheels so that it can continually the kinetic energy of the engine. Many great inventions were without wheels, crane, for example, rely on the pulley ( Slotted wheel, groove around the tape) To reduce the carrying weight needed. Castor has a very wide range of applications, involving almost any industry. According to the needs of different industries, people to constantly invent all kinds of casters, there are about 15000 around the world have different castor with furniture furniture, industry, agriculture, transportation, warehousing, logistics terminals as well as the national defense science and technology, and other industries and fields.
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