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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-04
Directional wheel, also called universal wheel, in fact, in 20 years ago, in our country,; Castor. Many of us don't know this word is what product, is very strange, we say the wheels will be associated with the lugs, we called on the wheel; Lugs. , in fact the word has long been popular in foreign countries, as our country industry developing, our country is now a lot of people to a new understanding of it, and we have a new classification of new USES, according to the purpose, shape, brand, features, characteristics, origin and so on. For example, according to the load capacity can be divided into: light universal wheel, medium-sized universal wheel, medium-duty castor wheels, heavy duty castor wheels, super-heavy universal wheel and so on. According to purpose to distinguish words can be divided into: mine with casters, medical universal wheel, universal wheel industry, medical universal wheel, cart wheels. 。 Points can be divided into: according to the origin of Japanese universal wheel, european-style universal wheel, universal wheel, American Chinese universal wheel, another is Korean universal wheel. Points can be divided into: according to characteristics of mute universal wheel, conductive universal wheel, shock universal wheel, low heavy core universal wheel, casters, directional wheel, universal wheel, brake universal wheel, double brake casters. Look castor is very simple, actually is also a great learning, which is closely related with the quality and the function of the user. Users also should follow the use of the castor, or you can't get what you want in the process of using castor effects, producers in the production process and the design of course also should pay attention to the target function and application of the caster wheel, it is can't be ignored. If a caster design not good, the users will bring many troubles, such as brake non-stop, castor easily jammed, castor blowout, castor leave a black mark on the clean ground, degumming, castor castor deformation, and so on. If the wheel design is very good, the user improper installation or improper use can cause damage to the caster. Such as some kind of caster design maximum weight: 100 kg, 120 kg for a long time, but the user used the wheels would damage of a very short period of time. Again, for example, when a industrial castor wheels used on the medical enterprise, so the wheel will strong noise in the silence of the hospital. In short for producers and users must cooperate with each other this was the most perfect wheels. Zhongshan big into castor co. , LTD is a production of various specifications of the series of industrial casters, casting products, electroplating products, industrial trolley, stamping sheet metal, plastic, PU casting and other products of professional manufacturers. Company in line with the management principle of 'people-oriented', brought together a group of mechanical processing, materials engineering, industrial automation, marketing professionals, committed to the improvement of technical level and the development of new products, strive for more products to become customers of qualified suppliers. Hotline: 400 600 - 8532 this paper label: casters into casters a: big into castor take you from zero to know castor next article: big into castor to teach you how to extend the service life of castor castor correct use
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