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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-22
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturer in vain to think to themselves, head, three thousand busy, fillip in a flash, the buildings looked away, yellow lights - Gradually, but is an autumn. The large and medium-sized castor plant is not only the competitive relationship, in terms of medium-sized castor industry. Another group, a medium-sized castor industry competition with foreign groups. Ultimate goal is to export 'I was the only local industry competitive, have I export share. To improve my competitiveness, must need to sweep, leaving a group of outstanding enterprises, to make sure my competitive advantage. All say life wind and rain, today, the blue sky white clouds, pleasant climate, market future unconsciously, consolidation. Member today morning, nishimoto Shinkansen trading price flat, today's mainstream market price stability, the actual transaction price fluctuation is not big. In addition, today's nishimoto Shinkansen cost index is 2934 yuan, East China company do not contain 'three fees' castor to weigh the cost of production) Compared with the previous trading day up 11 yuan. How to survive in such a situation? Chinese-made 2025 basic principle have said very clearly the innovation, quality, talent, structure. The market direction? There is no doubt that the ultimate target market is all over the world, the premise is to ensure that the heavy industrial castor wheels competitive advantage. But at least, to do a good job in the local market, if the local market have lost competitiveness, if even you will have an advantage than imports from southeast Asia, so I have the whole industry is facing a huge disaster! Why need to backward enterprise? Mass manufactured products caused the serious waste of resources of society as a whole, a number of loans for enterprises in jeopardy, affects the whole industry chain of harmony, these are all good to some a bad external environment of enterprise, thus affecting the development of the whole industry. Just let things slide competition, natural selection, to release resources and redistribution, is possible to optimize the industrial structure, adjust the economic form, to solve the excess capacity, to achieve made in China, 2025 grand strategic objectives.
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