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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-15
Castor wholesale - Beijing professional universal wheel and castor manufacturers for our new parents of children with all time need high attention, so for the pram plays a supporting role of casters and wheels and what are the details we need to pay attention to? Today choose baby carriage wheels from four aspects to share some experience reference for your mother. 1) material to avoid buying plastic foam and ordinary rubber wheel, these two kinds of material of the wheel is easy to wear and is easily damaged for a long time. Had better choose a pattern of high suspension rubber or inflatable wheels, the grip and abrasion resistant index is very reliable. (2) flexibility must be checked to each wheel is clever, to be able to lift the car, with the hand to touch the wheels. See whether wear, sticking and sway. Rock will cause the wheel running deviation in use process, thus serious wear phenomenon. ( EVA foam wheel) (3) shaft and bearing axial best choice of solid stainless steel material, otherwise once the mass is overweight axle fracture cause, consequence is very serious! Also check the flexibility of bearing, if necessary, apply an appropriate amount of lubricating oil on a regular basis. (4) remove the way to test whether the wheels can be simple and single removed, and asked if they have to change to the businessman of the wheels. Mount will also check before and after the lock is not tight appear fall off automatically. Above are some baby carriage wheels when the choice of some common sense, the hope can help the novice mothers, please call us if needed. Click on the WWW. ktcaster。 Com to learn more.
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