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Can heavy trolley wheels sample charge be refunded if order is placed?
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What are the types and models of commonly used filters? 1. air filter: Located on the fuel tank, it has the ability to prevent pollutants from mixing with air due to the change of fuel quantity in the fuel tank. Therefore, the filtering accuracy should have the same performance as the filter, and the capacity should be left with sufficient room to prevent the internal pressure of the tank from becoming negative pressure due to hole blocking, causing the hole phenomenon of the pump. Pay special attention when the surrounding environment is bad.2. high-pressure pipeline filter (A): It is located on the outlet pipe of the pump and has the function of protecting pollutants from entering the system. Therefore, the concentration of pollutants in the system can be controlled. However, because it is a high-pressure supervisor, it must be affected by the pulse and pressure of the pump, so the material and strength of the filter element should be carefully considered.3. oil absorption filter: the filter is located

What are the types of filters? What's the role? There are many filter varieties for micro-irrigation system, commonly used:(1) screen filter: different mesh White can be selected according to the aperture size of the sprinklerFilter screen to intercept inorganic dirt.(2) sand filter: Install a certain size of pure sand in a pressure sealing cylinder, water throughThe sand layer can filter out impurities in the water and organic matter in the filtered water, such as fish eggs and algae.(3) centrifugal filter: also called water sand separator, the water is subjected to centrifugal force and willThe sand in the water is separated out, and when the well water or river water contains more sand, it is filtered as the first level.It should also be used in conjunction with the screen filter.Centrifugal filter data and sand filter are usually used for preliminary filtration. This article comes from: filter cartridge
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