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Can't believe it! Pu castor of innovation of science and technology so far

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-03
Can't believe it! Pu castor innovation science and technology so much! Ideal bearing should be suitable for their respective applications, and keeping the necessary safety margin. Besides the rotation wheel, wheel diameter and bearing, wheel bearing determines the mobility of the caster wheel, even the quality of the caster. The use of different environments, have different requirements. Factories use castor is different from firms use castor, tools for different hospital bed with light-duty castor castor, shopping cart use castor requirements completely different castor carrying heavy load used in the factory. Check whether the wheel bearing damaged, if there is no damage to the parts can be reassembled continue to use, if often meet the wheels is sundry winding phenomenon Suggestions can avoid assembly anti-wind cover. Universal wheel is loose or wheels stuck also can cause & other; Grinding flat spot & throughout; 。 Proper maintenance check, especially check bolt tightness, lubricating oil, to replace the damaged rolling performance and rotary motion of the wheel can enhance flexibility. Where the requirements to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic generation, had better use special anti-static wheel, also can choose metal wheel ( If the ground does not require protection, ; Work environment there are many corrosive medium, should choose to have good corrosion resistance of the wheel accordingly. High precision ball bearing special smooth and flexible operation, especially applicable to high-end equipment and quiet environment; High quality dupont engineering plastics manufacturing, the spirit of bearing widely adapt to all kinds of corrosive medium; Can't believe it! Pu castor innovation science and technology so much! More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 336. html
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