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Caster wheel brake is what accessories have what need to notice?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-20
Universal wheel, adjust the foot brake manufacturers have left and right sides, respectively, with truckle after long-term use can produce brake wear, may be unknowingly reduce braking capacity, please check the brake pads wear during use, pay attention to the strong impact. Caster wheel brake note: 1, don't brake as you push. 2, under the condition of the brakes do not casually. 3, in the case of brake do not on the slope. 4, please use wear shoes feet trample brake pedal in full. Should keep in mind when using the belt brake caster use rules, on the wrong operation damage the caster wheel, brake parts, etc. Caster wheel brake should according to the need to decide when to choose, there is a brake moved, there is a brake of the brake wheel, brake, also what are moved and brake wheel, brake, so specific choice.
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