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Castor and the conductivity of the spinning line

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-27
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers casters with insulation materials, such as plastic, through a certain state of friction will take charge, and the charge has not been released, the charge can be released at the moment of grounding. For example when you just touch the door, this kind of situation will happen. And this will only make people angry, general and elsewhere may lead to serious consequences. However, conductive impedance when feet move or to manipulate it, power must be on the object to the caster and overcome resistance. Resistance depends on various factors: the size of the load, the wheel diameter, material and the surface of the round shape; Castor suspension; Bearing type and size; And, of course, castor field operation. Therefore, when in choosing appropriate castor, careful coordination of all these factors so as to adapt to each other is very important.
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