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Castor and World Cup

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
Castor still has a lot of the World Cup and World Cup used trucks use castor, triggered the peak season, castor step fly castor castor sales rose by 30% before the World Cup. This suggests that the caster's relationship with the World Cup! Into the football World Cup into furniture castor marketing, design elements, will start on June 13, the Brazilian World Cup is becoming the focus of global attention, fight 32 teams of the 64 games, playing the people's hearts. Field teams battle between extends to the household sector, and extended to the caster wheel of furniture used, inspired each big brand marketing ideas, express were set on the World Cup, in order to attract eyeball. Chasing hot spots planning activities, thus manufacturing selling point, castor in household industry is more mature. Four years of a World Cup of smoke, the athletes fight fierce, at the same time, the remarkable skill furniture castor industry also start due to a variety of promotional activities, take the World Cup this marketing express. Caster, caster wheel factory, Shanghai universal wheel, universal casters
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