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Castor application in life

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-28
Take the furniture of castor is mostly applied in office circumstance, but if used properly, in the home also can enjoy the ease of convenience and fun. Especially in small bedroom space, castor will play a bigger role, from the east side, castor for everybody finishing three castor application scenario, you can see the positive impact of castor. The table side gradually became popular due to the small size, diversity and function is becoming more and more popular with people, and two side table together with castor rectangle, the size can be used as a table. Tables and chairs with castor can reduce demand for dining area area, usually don't use two side tables can be placed on either side of the sofa, can be together at the dinner table. Coupled with the caster wheel chairs, handling process is no longer difficult. Breaking up a space with castor bookcase flexible traditional bookcase are big and heavy, move to a place is likely to change the pattern of the whole family. The bookcase of visible market now it's much more easily to choose, not only has many businesses to divide bookcase into a narrow strip, people can choose according to their area of single or multiple small bookcase together, more with castor bookcase and bookshelf collection space can move freely and assembling. But the expert reminds, generally caster wheel bearing is very limited, if is a large bookcase is best not to install castor. Storage space free transposition in general, advocate lie the area is relatively capacious, can lay down a set of large units, and for the guest lies in the small family area is a bit cramped. If placed in the guest lies a storage space, with castor lockers or store content box is the best choice. Mobile store content ark can freely in any corner of the room, according to people need to change position. And store content box with castor is more flexible, not only to sort items store, to save space can also according to the usage of top-down stack packed the box, using light, more conducive to clean. Castor applied to household life has brought a lot of convenient, use castor ingenious changes have also brought the whole household life pattern of reiki, you might as well choose to bring in home decoration castor household products. East rui castor was delighted to see castor is gradually widely used in daily life, in the future production, will pay more attention to product quality and performance of constantly improve the convenient degree of castor, provide more reliable castor products for the society. / news_179。 Castor castor manufacturers east application
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