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Castor attention - safety operation

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-19
Universal wheel - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot KNT case manufacturer Beijing technology co. , LTD. Remind you: the user responsible for wheeled equipment maintenance and operation. To avoid improper use, goods transport to light on the cart. Rough pavement of high speed or heavy pressure wheels will cause the wheels or equipment damage. Therefore, regularly check castor appears very important. 1. Castor general safety operation of the user should pay attention to the correct operation and maintenance of equipment. If the operation mistake will lead to some of the products are easily damaged and possible damage to the user. And the correct use of products and effective maintenance of the casters will be best work effect. Equipment do not overload, pay attention to the light to take light put, don't high speeds as far as possible avoid operation will produce strong shock and vibration, otherwise it will lead to casters, wheels and the device does not work. 2. Check the equipment of the structure and fasteners, rotating equipment, regular in the side and end inspection to check the following items: check whether there is a fracture of weld or assembly department. Regularly check and tighten the screw and nut; Check equipment due to overload or violent impact caused by the deformation of structure, such as heavy duty caster stents have might due to uneven bearing wheel running damage; Castor, if it is plugged into dry assembly to check equipment assembly hole not bending deformation, and can work closely with inserted dry; Try to use the locknut or check washer to install locking casters; If the caster is using expansion rubber rod assembly, should determine the position of the expansion rubber sets of fastening. 3. Lubrication of casters and wheels. Regularly for castor wheels or filling grease. Add frequency according to the actual use of the specific circumstances. In general, refill once every six months the lubrication grease, but in the dry and corrosion environment, best append a lubricating oil every month. Beijing KNT Keith technology co. , LTD. Remind you: every time after washing the caster equipment, also pay attention to the filling grease. Choose lubricating grease, according to the actual use of environment, special high temperature and special low temperature environment, should choose appropriate lubricating grease. 4. Castor of regular maintenance and inspection according to the abrasion of overuse of the judge whether the legs of the caster, if the rotation of the universal wheel bracket joint looseness, suggested to replace the whole bracket assembly or the whole castor products if the choice of universal wheel device is lock, by bolts and nuts to ensure assembly solid and reliable. If universal wheel bracket rotation is not flexible, should check whether be corrosion or dust, yarn such as adhesion to disc beads orbit, recommend replacing the entire activity support if necessary and the castor products. Beijing KNT Keith technology co. , LTD. Remind you: if the device is assembled in one side of the directional wheel casters, to ensure that the leg of directional wheel without bending deformation, if there is a deformation, when necessary to replace the leg or the directional wheel products. 5. Maintenance and check of single wheel through visual wheels can be detected on the surface of the tyre wear. Tire uneven wear below indicate the working situation of the wheels, some stitches spun yarn and other debris may be winding wheel, wheel bolt and nut, clear clutter, check whether there is any damage on the wheel bearings, if there is no damage to the parts, to assembly and use. Often occurs if the wheel is sundry, wanda castor suggest user assembly against the cover to avoid winding. Beijing KNT Chester technology co. , LTD. Remind you: the wheel after replace or reinstall, to ensure reliable axle bolt and nut connection, as far as possible use check washer or locknut. 6. Caster wheel brake maintenance and testing for casters with brakes, brake work is normal, should be inspected regularly every day or is going to make a brake inspection before each use. Have multiple brake caster equipment to assembly, every time can only lock the brake casters to try to promote the equipment, in order to check each trundle brake performance are in good condition. Method Fred mall provides a variety of performance and style of caster wheel brake.
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