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Castor can be divided into several categories - according to the application field

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-25
Castor according to application fields can be divided into several categories of medical casters, industrial casters, supermarket casters, furniture casters, and so on, medical truckle is one of the categories. Medical this special application field, puts forward many requirements for medical casters. 1, medical truckle car most taboo, especially to the seriously ill and more fractures in patients, once the turbulence may cause the patient's condition, and even affect the treatment of late. 2, medical car variety, such as stretcher, wheelchairs, medicine treatment of car, car, medical records, and so on. 3, medical truckle also taboo noisy, noise to bring trouble to the patient, affects the patient's rest, even affect the treatment of diseases. 4, high medical truckle use frequency, using special universal wheel. Castor castor, Shanghai
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