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Castor choose plastic tray

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-28
Castor choose plastic tray 1. First consider packing specifications and in the plastic tray is put on the way. For example: the European standard turnover box size is 600 * 400 mm, 1200 * 1000 mm tray placed a layer of 5, 1200 * 800 mm tray placed a layer 4, generally stacked 5 layers. 2. Considering the pallet loading tools ( Such as containers, trucks, etc. ) 。 Turnover or back and forth, for example: if it is disposable, priority for integration of shipping container width 2300 mm, 1200 * 1000 mm tray, with a long combination of 1200 mm and 1000 mm wide, must choose to 4 into the fork. To 1200 * 800 mm tray, with 800 mm width in the direction of the two groups placed side by side. For 1100 * 1100 mm tray with 1100 mm width, put two columns, to take the fork or 4 and 2 into the fork. 3. As used on the warehouse shelves, want to consider the breadth and depth of shelf size, usually select type shelf to each layer of each put two pieces of tray, would access activity space is about 200 mm apart. Try to give big size in depth direction, do not produce the plastic pallet load capacity required, to save procurement costs. 4. As used in automatic stereoscopic warehouse shelves, in addition to meet the above requirements, consider the anti-slip coefficient of the tray, tray bottom with chain transmission equipment, into the bearing capacity of fork height, shelves, permanent deformation, the length of the surface deflection, stick the placement of the location of the bar code and RFID chips and other factors. 5. Choose the size of the plastic tray also want to consider versatility, the size of the commonly used at home and abroad, to 1210 international standard, Japanese standard 1208 European standard and T11 castor tray. Caster, caster wheel factory, Shanghai universal wheel, universal casters
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