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Castor development present situation in our country

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
Castor development present situation in China in recent years, castor industry developed rapidly, the development of industrial casters into a high-speed development period. Caster, and the development of industrial casters directly led to the growth of the national economy. In 2010, according to statistics, the domestic food and castor industry output value reached 130 billion yuan, and market demand reach RMB 200 billion. According to the Chinese castor and industrial castor industry association statistics, in 2006, domestic food and packaging castor industry sales, sales in 2005, 673. 22 RMB 700 million on the basis of growth. By 96% to 828. 3. 8 billion yuan, the growth rate of record in recent years. Castor security is a big in the national economy and people's livelihood, is closely related to the importance of casters, industrial casters production will undoubtedly. In China's 1. 3 billion people behind food supplies, is the large castor production market. Consumers of food and its packaging requirements are constantly improve. Foremost among them, high security. As a result, the needs of castor industry more attaches great importance to and vigorously developing the production of castor, industrial casters, minimize the trundle operation error, avoid the unqualified products. Castor castor, Shanghai
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