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Castor domestic market development

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-31
Since 2000, after initial period, castor industry domestic industry has been into the growth period, a lot of castor domestic enterprises as a leading technology, large leading enterprises, leading the castor industry healthy and rapid development of China. At present domestic castor mainly situation: at present, the domestic castor market is divided into high, medium and low three grades, the trundle brand of high-grade mainly has the German teng ( 帐篷) , Germany mweka ( WICKE) , Han Guofu horse ( FOOTMASTER) , Japan south star ( NANSIN) And the United States ( COLSON) Well-known brands abroad such as castor; Mid-range castor mainly have foshan global ( 全球范围内) 2, zhongshan ( SUPO) , shunde surplus grain ( INFORD) , zhejiang yi man ( 联盟) Lin Chun, jiangsu, Shanghai shen, hubei ShuangLing, grain of Taiwan ( HERDA) , jia wei ( 贾维斯) The major brand. Emerging in addition to Taiwan, guangzhou, jiangmen of hope, zhongshan thick DE SAN, the south China sea, guangzhou j-choice, guangzhou branch, some influence, such as zhongshan often into the smaller some caster wheel in the middle of castor also has certain market share; Low casters are mainly concentrated in hebei hengshui, large Numbers of small factory in zhongshan. Castor manufacturing industry in China rise within thirty years, castor manufacturing industry vigorous development. Castor manufacturers. The types of products is becoming more and more rich. Especially with the enterprise manpower cost rising in recent years, reduce the high strength of human labor, transport and improve the efficiency of production logistics transportation is a big trend. Kaixin ( CARSUN) Castor is American families and on the way the quality of the wheel, universal casters price for market positioning. Kaixin ( CARSUN) Castor products both in appearance and in performance as good as American families and on the way round. At the same time in the development and services in a large number of personnel, ensure kaixin ( CARSUN) Castor products in both the contemporary and later, can adapt to the trend of society and the trend.
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