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Castor engineering - what are the human body

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-21
Heavy duty castor - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust feet manufacturers casters, the voice of the accord with human body engineering to reduce injury potential. They lower absenteeism and improve productivity and work efficiency. Accord with human body engineering design of function, can reduce the pressure of the body and a source of tension, make any employee can comfortably work, there is no risk of injury. One example is a precise rotary bearing rotating caster wheel. This feature makes it easier to load cases open a rotating caster, reduces the began to work and fatigue, and allows a more consistent level of output. When you consider safety and ergonomic design, can reduce the lost time by accident. The floor to protect the floor, expensive repair or replacement. Standard & poor's castered floor damage to equipment, reduce productivity, harm to personnel. Select the most suitable for your application to protect the floor wheel will protect the floor, the floor has deteriorated speed reduces wear and tear. Only with a soft rubber wheel tread is real floor and the protection of the goods. These measures include: self-excitation, high quality, super cushion for leaning on, traditional Moldon, pneumatic components, rubber wheel and gray. A common mistake is to think of polyurethane wheels is the protection of the floor. Although load cases, some of their tire deformation capacity, the actual 'tires' is rarely obvious. Most of the hardness of polyurethane wheels of tread of 'hard' ( Phenolic resin, the polyolefin, hard rubber) , but not noisy. 'Jack hammer' hard push wheel action is destructive, as time goes on the floor. However, even if the round metal fill an important needs, it is prohibited to use other operating environment or capacity.
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