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Castor enterprises should take a high-end market - in industry Castor, industrial casters manufacturers: big wheel industry!

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-11
Along with the social economy and the improvement of living standards, castor industry got rapid development in our country. But in the economic crisis led to the domestic economy presents the weakness, castor enterprise faces huge pressure to survive. Under the new economic situation, wanda think castor enterprises should take a high-end market in industry. From the perspective of the development of the castor industry, our country is one of the main reasons why the castor industry remains in the prolonged state of low-end, lies in the lack of independent research and development products. On the one hand, the serious homogeneity competition, castor business in order to win consumers focus on low cost competition for a long time, shopping at a low price, caused a lot of enterprises only pay attention to the production and marketing of low-end products, and neglected the product technology improvement and innovation. Castor patent protection consciousness weak, on the other hand, the industry technology from infringement phenomenon is serious, let many enterprises in technology costs actually do more harm than good, a serious blow to the caster and the enthusiasm of enterprise innovation, led to the industry competition product homogeneity. Due to the insufficient development of industry, castor line into the threshold is low, good and evil people mixed up in the industry market, small scale, lack of core competitiveness, low technical level, small businesses can be seen everywhere. Most of these enterprises lack of brand consciousness, and unlicensed products with a less known and inferior brand is numerous, difficult to form in the brand enterprise influence, more difficult to improve products by brand added value. Experts point out that castor enterprise to high-end road, must be inside and outside and repair, completes the brand publicity and influence to build is provide a powerful impetus for the development of enterprises, but also is the root of this driver castor high quality of the product itself. Wanda argues that, under the new market situation, castor enterprises should take the low end of the market situation changes, looking for the high-end market. Only through continuous research innovation, brand products, to improve product added value and profit, the real formation quality, superior bad discard good situation to promote the healthy development of the industry. 版权:。
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