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Castor factory test of the rolling resistance and rotation test - resistance Castor, industrial casters manufacturers: big wheel industry!

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-11
When castor move or to control its direction, driving force must pass on the object to the caster and overcome resistance to achieve. So in front of the caster wheel factory should pass strict rolling resistance and rotational resistance test, test qualified castor products is allowed to enter the market sales. Wanda today is for everybody to introduce castor how is the rolling resistance and rotational resistance test. Tests on the rolling resistance, in the standard are three casters will be installed in a three arm of the base, according to different levels of tests, the 300/600/900 n load test ( Including the quality of the base) On the base of exerting a horizontal traction made the caster wheel speeds on the test platform of 50 mm/S ( Allowable deviation & plusmn; 5%) , maintain 10 s. Due to the caster wheel rolling friction when starting, and there is a large acceleration test measurement after 5 s level of traction, the size does not exceed 15% of the test load for qualified. Rotational resistance test is in linear or circular motion tester is installed on one or more casters, make its direction and driving direction into 90 & deg; 。 According to the different levels of tests, each trundle on 100/200/300 n load test. Places a traction so that the test platform of caster wheel speed of 50 mm/S ( Allowable deviation & plusmn; 5%) And the rotation happens within 2 s. To rotate the castor maximum level of traction, its size does not exceed 20% of the test load for qualified. Formal manufacturers in castor castor before delivery should be on more than two kinds of resistance test, and some adverse manufacturers in order to save production time will skip or shorten this step, cause potential safety hazard. So you castor products when the choose and buy must look for the brand, choose high popularity and good reputation castor products. 版权:。
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