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Castor for household pattern

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-25
Manufacturers in recent years, universal wheel, adjust the feet began to install castor castor found more and more furniture, the furniture city shopping after will find that the same material and quality of the same kind of furniture, with castor than without casters furniture out of the hundred dollars more expensive on average, such as computer desk, chairs, and a bookcase. It is showed that the application of castor let many furniture is more popular. Why do you speak? You can see a few examples. After the installation of castor mobile store content ark can freely in any corner of the room, according to people need to change position. And store content box with castor is more flexible, not only to sort items store, to save space can also according to the usage of top-down stack packed the box, using light, more conducive to clean. Visible, castor after use is more likely to change household pattern. Here small make up remind everybody, castor with qiao still need according to the consideration of the actual situations of the application, because the wheels directly contact with the ground, if choose undeserved, can greatly shorten the service life of castor, may also damage the ground. If the house is covered with wooden floor, the best use of resilient rubber, polyurethane or super synthetic rubber wheels, can protect the wood floor, the corresponding price of the wheels is expensive. Abrasion resistance and flexibility are less plastic wheels, but the price is cheap, is suitable for the bearing of the furniture and ordinary lighter to turn on the ground. Casters are generally card with a clasp, move the furniture to the right position, then pull (card buckle castor could be fixed, so as to avoid furniture to move. If you are using a caster wheel of furniture products, it is important to note that these items to avoid influence service life. We are manufacturer specialized in the production of universal casters, with perfect production equipment and strong technical force, reliable product quality, service, warm and thoughtful won the praise of many customers, if you need castor products welcome to choose and buy!
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