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Castor how should test?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-03
Castor before entering the market sales, must need to undertake the corresponding test, in order to achieve using standard. So what are common castor test method, test and what are the requirements? Impact test any goods transportation, use, save will crash vibration but the product may be produced in the state such as adverse even not be able to use a certain period of time, type furniture with its big, weight and other characteristics are often vulnerable to the impact, and smooth at the bottom to determine whether furniture placed casters are more should have a good shock resistance. European truckle test standard of shock test method is: will castor vertical backward installed on the ground test platform, the quality is 5 kg, ±2%) Heavy objects from height is 200 mm, the allowable deviation plus or minus 3 mm, the position of the free fall impact castor wheel edge, if for two rounds of two wheel should be hit at the same time. In the process of the whole experiment don't allow any part of the foot wheel separation. And experiment after the completion of the caster roll, circuition or brake function should not be damaged. 2, static load test the foot wheel should always be steady running on the ground, but it is almost a state of pure theory. Castor on the uneven surface, or in a threshold, orbit and potholes, castor will brief off the ground. So when they suddenly overloaded or four casters in three only contact with the ground, must carry the entire load of furniture. European standards in the static load test process is castor castor with screw in horizontal smooth steel test platform, the foot wheel 800 n the center of gravity of the direction of the force for 24 h, will force excluding check castor status after 24 hours, after the experiment measured the deformation of castor does not exceed 3% of the wheel diameter, and the caster roll experiment is completed, turn axis or brake function has no damage is qualified. 3, resistance performance test when testing the performance castor should keep dry and clean, place the caster in a piece of insulation on the metal plate with the ground, keep the wheel edge in contact with the metal plate, on the caster wheel load of 5% to 10% of the nominal load. With the insulation resistance tester ( Nominal open circuit voltage of 500 v, determination of the resistance value of fluctuation within 10% and no more than 3 w) in the wastage of the products The electric resistance between castor and metal plate. Resistance to the conductance type caster at euro 104, and the resistance of the antistatic caster should be between 105 and 107.
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