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Castor industry customers and manufacturers are mainly distributed in which areas

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-31
Castor is not articles for daily use, but it also has a large market demand; Because it is too important for our society now, the factory of lifting movement, the use of the shopping cart, pushchairs etc. These products are used castor. Because of large demand prompted many castor manufacturers want the big cake, have their own place. Through the recent visit of the market summarizes some main customer group and the distribution of the castor manufacturers. There is no doubt that castor manufacturer mainly concentrated in the pearl river delta region, this should be the relatively developed area industry produces one big reason. In these areas are not all is the ability to research and development, design, production as one of the manufacturers, in a little difficult to machining shop, small workshops, these would naturally form a chain, supplement each other. Marked by the industry for low-end castor products manufacturer from hebei, this is not to say that the factory is small, but dare not flatter the quality of the product, is the existence of the bottom in the same industry, their products at low prices to person eyeball, although everyone knows that cheap goods is not good, but that does not make it cannot occupy the low-end market. Found in visiting businessmen in this period of time, no matter in that area, which provinces you have met a wave after wave of peers, high-end castor manufacturers, whether do or do low-end manufacturers are emerge in endlessly. They are in the same way finished cleaning the in sweep that, some businesses also helpless on it. And most businesses are in low-end castor products, say to me the buy castor belong to low-end customers, high-end product is not suitable for me; So I want to ask you, don't you don't want to do in the high-end customers? If somebody else to you so buy high-end castor products are you won't sell? You see what a world top have some low-end products become the top is for? As a businessman is the first thing we have to put our target a bit further, to be with somebody else is not the same height and consciousness, then you can walk in front of somebody else. And now with the improvement of living standards and self-consciousness, more and more people will not look cheap, rather the high side will become the object of favor, and low-end products will become extinct. For castor manufacturers and dealers, customer is the god, and their customer base in the pearl river delta coastal city also has a big proportion, although here also has many manufacturer but this does not affect what, in addition to the east China area proportion of customers and customer quality is also considerable, these places belong to walk in front of the city in China, both living and industrial technology, are second to none. Personal think whether in what city to carry out what kind of customer, first own product is the most important, only the science of uniting the good internal strength is not afraid of the somebody else is not a bargain. Dongguan kaixin castor manufacturers to its product quality control is very strict, its technical teams are all come from castor industry has more than ten years experience of famous American casters enterprise team, hope everyone to visit. As the market demand is very big still, as long as we take pains on the inside, there will be a piece of you.
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