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Castor industry to grasp the market demand is a key to success Castor, industrial casters manufacturers: big wheel industry!

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-09
Quite a long period, the development of castor industry in many areas of consciousness not aware there is a tendency, that is, to the technology as the guide, blindly on the project, or one-sided pursuit of line width as thin as possible, while ignoring the market the most important elements of this industry. From 1981 to 1985 period, our country has introduced 33 castor production line, many projects herd horse, not only the introduction of equipment imported technology, flux line varieties have been eliminated by the market, basically does not conform to the market demand. Part of the old, not form a complete set of production line equipment, can not meet the design capacity. Plus project funding, castor corporate mismanagement, lack of digestion and absorption ability, most of the project. At the same time, the practice tell us: no constant product and technology forever, only ever changing market. Only grasp the pulse of the market changes, keep up with the pace of the market changes, to become the real winners. “ Throughout 909 engineering &; The process of production is confirmed this. The project from construction to operation in just 18 months. Technology level from early & other; 8 inches, 0. 35 micron & throughout; Ascension to zero. 24 microns. After putting into production, follow the international market change, production shift from previous memory chip foundry so far. Castor industry development is a systematic project, which support the efficient operation of this system at least includes the following five aspects: first, the financial support. Castor industry is a typical capital-intensive industry, to form scale economy, to reach a certain threshold value of investment. As the technology level of ascension, the investment threshold is rising. At the same time, to meet the technology research and development, production capacity expansion and the need of upgrading, the integrated circuit industry also need to constantly. Second, the market support. Integrated circuit enterprises want to survive, must want to produce products that meet the market demand, continue to receive orders from customers, build a sales team for the global market and sales network is crucial. Third, the technical support. To have advanced technology, first-class chip design capability, has a group of independent intellectual property rights and patents. Fourth, the talent support. To develop a global first-class technology, chip design and management personnel, to ensure that the technology, product innovation and enterprise efficient operation. Fifth, management support. Industry and the management of the enterprise from the strategic decision, capital management, logistics management, talent management, etc. Castor industry is capital intensive, technology intensive, talent intensive industries, and is highly competitive and high-risk industry. Practice has proved, either developed countries or developing countries, development of integrated circuit industry to take focus on the way, both the research and development and production, emphasize cooperation rather than fight alone. Therefore, & other; The scattered throughout the &; And & other ZhiSan & throughout; Is our important work in the next period. This article from:
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